CATEGORY: Miscellaneous

Duties, VAT and Excise on Imports and Exports

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Understanding SARS import and export tax calculations, excise, trade agreements and warehousing.

This course covers:

  • How to do accurately calculate import tax
  • Accurately using the tariff book (Schedules 1-8)
  • How to determine the SARS value on which duty is charged (as opposed to the invoice value)
  • Using the SARS rate of exchange
  • How to legally prevent, reduce or delay duties and VAT
  • How to use trade agreement to increase cashflow
  • VAT on exports – when can it be legally zero-rated and when penalties may be charged
  • When and how to pay, not pay, or delay excise tax
  • And the new South African export duties

Included in the course:

  • Case studies of import tax calculations.
  • Real classroom footage of training by an industry expert.
  • Excerpts from the tariff book and interpretation documents.
  • Resources and notes to download and use for the purpose of calculations on future imports.
  • An online assessment consisting of 25 questions.


Course takes approximately 2 days to complete in one sitting. Sign-ups have access to all course material for 12 months and can access and complete at their own pace at any point during this time.

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